Apr 09 2010

Review: Ms. T’s Bakery Blueberry Muffin E-Liquid

I ordered four flavors from Ms. T’s Bakery about a week and a half ago.  I had about five days of e-liquid left when I placed my order and hoped the processing and shipping would be quick enough to get the juice to me before I ran out.  I should preface this with the fact that on the Ms. T’s site, she states that each order is mixed by hand and to allow about three days for processing before shipment occurs.  Still, I’d hoped it would come within my five day allotment of time so that I wouldn’t have to revert to analogs.

It took a bit longer than I had hoped to get my product, processing and shipping all together was about seven days.  So, I did smoke analogs for about two days while waiting for my order.  Of course that isn’t Ms. T’s fault and I still give them a strong eight for shipping time because it was one full week from order to arrival.

I was so happy when my order arrived and I quickly set about filling a few cartomizers with the blueberry muffin flavor.

The flavor is great, true blueberry muffin taste that I enjoy immensely with my morning coffee.  I would rate the taste a nine on a scale of 1-10, ten being the best.  This is definitely my new favorite – and all around go to flavor!

It gave a good throat hit as well, I’d rate it about an eight.

I got really great amounts of vapor as well.  I believe she uses both VG and PG in her juice, and I’m not sure on the percentage of each used in the liquid but it gives a good amount of vapor with each hit.

The only thing I am disappointed in is that I only ordered a 6ml bottle and so I need to reorder again ASAP.

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