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Dec 29 2010

Review: Teaberry Mist From Void Mist

Teaberry Mist – 18mg – 70/30

I ordered several new flavors from various online stores just prior to the Christmas Holiday in the hopes I ‘d get a chance to try them and review them.  One of those orders was from Void Mist, from whom I ordered the Teaberry Mist flavor ejuice.  The moment I opened the bottle I smelled a true Teaberry scent, this was a good sign and gave me hope I’d found a “Spot-On” Teaberry gum flavor!

Well, the good news is that what I can taste of the juice does appear to be a perfect match but the bad news is that the flavoring is so slight I can barely taste it at all, it’s more like the essence of teaberry.  I wish it had been just a bit stronger as I sense it would have been placed immediately onto my daily vape list.

When I ordered this flavor I chose the option of 15% flavoring – which I believe would be the standard level.  Live and learn I suppose.  There is a very mild TH but the vapor production was acceptable at 70/30 PG/VG mix.   I can’t recommend this flavor at the strength I ordered it, and would advise picking the “Over 15%” flavoring option if you must order it.  If I were to ever order it again, this is the strength I would prefer.  But, alas I can only review what I’ve actually tried, and not what I’d wish I had!

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest:

Flavor:  3

TH:  3

Vapor Production:  7

Overall Experience:  4 1/2

This review is for the flavor only.  The Void Mist website is very user friendly, and they offer various customizable options for their juices.  They also offer the cheaper USPS First Class Mail option, which I am grateful for.  My package shipped quickly and arrived in about four days, so I give Void Mist a solid 9 for customer service, ordering and delivery!!!

Dec 28 2010

Review: Lemon Basil Mint Sorbet From Juicy Vapor

Lemon Basil Mint Sorbet from JuicyVapor

I’m not sure what I expected when I ordered this juice, although I think I probably was hoping for a sweet minty flavor with a hint of basil underneath.  What I taste when I vape it however, is a minty  taste with a good lemon undertone on the inhale, with the basil kind of buried beneath it.  On the exhale I get a bit more of the basil and the mint is more subtle.

The mint & lemon on the inhale combine to form a wonderful taste that reminds me of Mint Chutney.  If they were to add a hint of chili pepper & cilantro it would be a dead ringer for the Chutney.

I’m torn with this one, I like it – yet I can’t vape it for long periods of time as the flavor, although a nice change of pace, doesn’t sit well with me for extended periods, it’s a nice break from the dessert flavors and the fruity flavors, but after awhile (about 30 minutes) I need to switch to another flavor.

I’m vaping it at 18mg of nic with a  PG/VG mix.  The throat hit is not strong.  Overall I’d rate this as Vapable and can see where some people would really like vaping this flavor all day long.  I definitely have enjoyed it, it’s a great change of pace — but I don’t think this would be on my daily flavor rotation.

On a scale of 1-10

Throat Hit:  4

Taste:  7

Vapor Production:  7

Overall Experience:  Strong 6

Sep 14 2010

Create Your Own Unique eJuice Flavors!

I have a new “Go-To” ejuice, created by little old me over at Gourmet Vapor.  It’s called ‘Pink Pucker-Up‘ and its my spin on the traditional pink lemonade flavor.  I have to say it is really the best pink lemonade vape I’ve ever had – if I do say so myself.

Gourmet Vapor is a fantastic idea for an eliquid store!  They supply you with a really large list of basic flavors which you then pick up to four to mix and create your very own concoction of yumminess.  As if that alone isn’t enough, you also get to chose your percentages of both PG or VG and can double or triple the flavoring to your liking – as with most ejuice stores you also choose the nicotine level.  And again, as if that isn’t enough fabulous-ness for any run-of-the-mill ejuice store – they also let you earn bonuses when people order your flavor creations.

When I order my Pink Pucker-Up flavor I always order it at 80% PG and 20% VG at double flavor strength.

Do yourself a flavor and visit their site and go wild with creativity.  Then come on back and share them with us!

If you want to check out my very own ‘Pink Pucker-Up’, click here to view the listing.

Also, if you use my email address [vlink@kidzpack], you will receive a 20% discount on your FIRST order!


Apr 09 2010

Review: Ms. T’s Bakery Blueberry Muffin E-Liquid

I ordered four flavors from Ms. T’s Bakery about a week and a half ago.  I had about five days of e-liquid left when I placed my order and hoped the processing and shipping would be quick enough to get the juice to me before I ran out.  I should preface this with the fact that on the Ms. T’s site, she states that each order is mixed by hand and to allow about three days for processing before shipment occurs.  Still, I’d hoped it would come within my five day allotment of time so that I wouldn’t have to revert to analogs.

It took a bit longer than I had hoped to get my product, processing and shipping all together was about seven days.  So, I did smoke analogs for about two days while waiting for my order.  Of course that isn’t Ms. T’s fault and I still give them a strong eight for shipping time because it was one full week from order to arrival.

I was so happy when my order arrived and I quickly set about filling a few cartomizers with the blueberry muffin flavor.

The flavor is great, true blueberry muffin taste that I enjoy immensely with my morning coffee.  I would rate the taste a nine on a scale of 1-10, ten being the best.  This is definitely my new favorite – and all around go to flavor!

It gave a good throat hit as well, I’d rate it about an eight.

I got really great amounts of vapor as well.  I believe she uses both VG and PG in her juice, and I’m not sure on the percentage of each used in the liquid but it gives a good amount of vapor with each hit.

The only thing I am disappointed in is that I only ordered a 6ml bottle and so I need to reorder again ASAP.

Mar 27 2010

Washing and Reusing Cartomizers

I’ve begun to accumulate lots of used cartomizers! I’m still a newb so I’ve never washed them and refilled them before. Thank God for Youtube and all the wonderful Vapors who’ve made some awesome “How To” videos for Vaping Newbies like me!!

Will take some pics and post later about how difficult or easy it turned out to be!

I’m ordering some ejuice from Ms. T’s Bakery (If you haven’t heard of her, click the link – you will be amazed at the yummy concoctions she’s selling!). It’s so hard to just pick a couple, they all sound so yummy. I’m pretty sure I’m going with the Blueberry Muffin, now to narrow it down to just one or two more….

I really love vaping!

Check out this refilling video:

That looks easy enough, but if you want really easy – check out the “Condom” method of refilling cartomizers!